Video games are designed for entertainment and the illusion of entering a different reality this way people want their own experience in video games to as real as possible. Technology has come in many forms involving video games beginning with the computer monitor to be the projector and the keyboard to interact and play the game the evolution of this tech has been one of the fastest developing in history from the use of computer joysticks and console controllers.

The KOR-FX vest (kinetic omnidirectional response) combined with the 4 D FX virtual reality is designed to make video games in particular FPS (first person shooters) more realistic as an experience for the gamer. The technology inside the vest transforms audio signals from the game to highlighted transducers that emit sudden light or heavy pressure to imitate gunshots and vibrations to imitate an explosion and sounds of  helicopter blades or other vehicles. The acoustic-haptic technology creates precise and direct realistic alterations between the game play and what the user feels in addition an explosion from a grenade will emit a different type of vibration than an explosion from a tank shell.

The device is considered to be the next generation of gaming realism the vest is completely customizable for the user to choose how realistic the experience of the game will be. With the use of lithium-ion chargeable batteries the battery life can last on average 30 to 45 hours depending on the amount of usage and power saving settings. With a built in dongle the vest is compatible with any head phones that are 3.5 mm audio out put socket the KOR FX vest is designed to work with any PC or Game consoles including Xbox one and PS4 it can also be fitted with tablets, smart phones through an optical abdaptor.

In appliance to health and safety regulations it is not recommended to be used by gamers under the age of twelve as the vest creates powerful emotion and physical sensations that may hinder or ruin gaming experience. People that have a history of preexisting heart conditions are not recommended to use the KOR-FX as it can cause further health complications and make existing conditions worse.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that using the KORFX Gaming Vest led to some of the most immersive gaming experiences I’ve ever had.” -David Li YouTube Gamer




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