Personal-PI Jacket

Developed in Canada by the inventor Matt Braseur this jacket is designed to have multiple forms of technology that are built into the clothing these devices are all powered and charge via solar power for the convenience of  the user as people seldom wear jackets indoors it is only logical that the power source should be exterior. Equipped with a 30 hour mega wot battery pack the user can rely on the suit without hesitation of power loss at any given time.

The Jacket has a built in Raspberry pi series computer the same size and thickness as a credit the computer screen is stationed on right sleeve while the keyboard is station on the right sleeve. This position of the computer components prevents complications when the user is trying to type furthermore the user can see the computer screen and type simultaneously and WI-FI adapters switch between networks automatically.

The Rosie computer has all the hardware that can be expected in all internet connected devices including downloading videos, google searches,e-mail, and sending/receiving text messages these features are all currently usable in the prototype model of the Personal PI jacket.

The 5 mega pixel web cam can record and broadcast images to an other user in high quality video images being a laptop,iPhone or another smart jacket. An inbuilt expendable USB hub that is capable of charging electronics and transferring information between a home or work computer. Voice command through Raspberry and inbuilt microphone allows the user to surf the internet and contact people whilst continuing tasks that require usage of hands information and conversations can be heard through speakers inside the jacket.





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