X Metrics

The Xmetric is a device that acts as a personalized fitness couch to assists swimmers in training, being either professional athletes or enthusiasts the device can be fitted on to the goggle strap and positioned at the back of the head. Due to its light and dexterous design it causes little interference for the trainee and while positioned behind the head there is no risk of extra drag while the user moves through the water this makes results more accurate and reliable. With usage of bio-mechanical sensors and advanced algorithm it is now possible with this development and combination of new technology which can provide the user with provisional data.

Xmetric records all exercise factors during swimming such as the number of strokes,timing whilst doing laps and the efficiency of the user’s swimming technique. The device is equipped with ears plugs that relay real time feed back directly to the swimmer this allows the swimmer to continue exercising without needing to stop in order to hear instructions and feed back.

There 6 different types of feed back that the device provides to the swimmer depending on what they wished to improve or be informed on how their exercise is progressing.

Time is record and divided into three categories: Total time of exercise, split time between laps and target time to complete and achieve training goal.

Lap counts done in the whole exercise to determine if the user has reached their target goal.

Laps and time can be relay through feed back simultaneously for a combined feedback.

Pacer that tracks the users speed whilst performing each stroke.

Pause counter to record breaks between laps and initiate restart time.

Calories and the amount being burnt through swimming determine how hard the users is exercising or if the right target has been achieved.



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