All modern technology requires power to operate and most rely on battery power whilst being mobile then charged from an electrical power point. As technology progresses the dependence and reliability becomes more crucial and the current convenience of  power sources are limited to public buildings and housing. The idea of having a mobile power source that is contained inside clothing is not a new idea however early development have been unable to produce enough power for devices to function.

Companies and the public have been reluctant to release and purchase these particle sets of smart clothing due to designs being too heavy for comfort and not water proof to be worn in the rain or machine washable.

Scientists at Huazhong University of Science and Technology at Wuhan in China have developed a flexible and wearable thermocell that utilizes gel electrolytes that absorb energy in the surrounding environment and  can be fitted within a glove. Two electrode cells are placed at opposite sides of the gel layer each cell use either negative or positive thermoelectrochemicles. When the cells come into contract with each other the fluctuation of the different temperatures from the user’s body heat and the surrounding environment make the cells produce a low electrical current.

The prototype version of the glove has proven the developing technology is functional during a demonstration of how the device works results indicated that the device is capable of generating a voltage of 0.7 V  capable of powering a small electric device such as a smart watch or charging a mobile phone.

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