The Carv

The Carv is a device that attaches directly to a ski boot and wirelessly connects to the users smart phone that relays instructions how to improve skiing techniques.Developed in the United Kingdom by the company Motion Metric this device has two main components that operate within and on the ski boot, the first component is the insert which is a thin layer of padding inside the boot directly under the users foot.

The insert is made of a materiel  similar to memory foam  that can be cushioned and retain its original shape. Inside the insert are 48 sensors that record and monitor changes in pressure distribution, acceleration and speed location, due to the thin design of the insert which is less than a millimeter thick there is no hindrance and interference while the user is skiing.

The tracker is on the exterior of the boot and connected to the insert by a cord this communication between the components allows information collected by the sensors to be processed into data that then gets transferred to the users smart phone with instructions and guidance how to improve their technique.

The combined metrics and collected data provides feed back informing if the skiier is off balance or landing too hard or uncoordinated.  The insert can interpret the changes of the skier’s center of gravity and the symmetrical alignment of feet to assist the user to achieve the correct skiing position.

Messages are presented on the smartphone screen that provide guidelines to the user through algorithm from data the tracker has recorded to smartphone. These messages can vary depending on the actions of the user  such as “keep your weight forward” and “good job” this combination of technology and accustomed usage of phones provide users with a clear of simple method of instructions that can used by any skier on any level from amateur to Olympic competitor.

“The metrics feed into software that comes up with recommendations when it senses a pattern” Jaime Grant CEO Motion Metrics



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