Nuyu sleep system

People who are working with technology can suffer from certain side effects one of the most common is sleep deprivation, caused by unnaturally staring at bright computer screens and immobility these factors can seriously affect sleep patterns and sleep methods. The Nuyu sleep system is designed to assist people in returning to a normal sleeping pattern and accustoming users to a more natural state of sleep making it easier to do work and activities.

The device’s design is similar to an air conditioning unit that alternates and produces air flows that travel from the main component through the hose then emitted  through a machine washable mat which is positioned on the surface of the bed where the users lies on top. The activity of the sleep system adjusts the temperature making it comfortable for the user and achieving a more potent sleep based on the users age,temperature requirements and weight.

When the device is first activated the sleep system begins to either warm up or cool down the mattress depending on the settings the user has chosen and the ambient temperature of the room. During sleep the device will maintain a constant temperature the entire night and when it is morning begin to warm up thus awakening the user at an appropriate time.

The sleep system is designed with blue tooth technology that user links to the device through their phone with this compatibility the user both operates the system by adjusting the temperature being emitted through the mat and records their own personal sleep patterns on the nuyu app. By monitoring and measuring sleep patterns the user can receive additional feed back on the phone app in relevance to the amount of sleep the user has gained or if more sleep is required.



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