IQ buds

Developed at Nuheara company in San Francisco IQ buds are wireless ear buds that can be used as earpieces to play music, audio-books and podcasts. The devices are connected to the user’s smart phone via blue tooth this enables phone calls to be made and answered with a simple tap on the earbuds the tap method can also stop music and other audio sounds being made by the users smartphone and resumed by tapping the devices again.

IQ buds have noise cancellation technology that filter incoming sounds  generated in the user’s surrounding environment . The Buds neutralize background noise such as chatter in crowded places or noisy work places such as construction sites and busy roads. In addition microphones inside each earbud both produce and censor sounds for instances whilst the user is listening to music the Buds play the music and prevent different sounds being heard simultaneously . User can use the devices to augment their hearing in a noisy environment for example when having a conversation with another person the only sounds that is being heard are the users and other person’s voice.

A smartphone app that accompanies the IQ buds assists the user to customize and control specifically what they hear whilst performing daily activities, furthermore the app can store and save personalized choices of sounds to be suppressed and activation of the buds when in user is in a particular environment.

IQ buds use lithium-ion batteries that recharge at a quick pace and when on low-power electronics that continue to operate at full capacity the battery life is approximately four hours depending on the amount of use . The portable casing that holds the earbuds maintains three addiction charges enabling an extended 12 hour battery life when recharging is required.


Nuheara co-founder David Cannington: “genuinely and in real time experience the ability to augment their hearing in noisy social environments.”



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