Jaybird Company’s Reign is a fitness tracker that monitors health statistics the tech comes in a form of a bracelet or band that the user wears during excises and the comfortable design is suitable to wear while the user is sleeping. Compatible with I phones and android smart phones that are connected to the device through Bluetooth and an app on the phone itself the information about the users health is displayed on the phone screen.

The Reign can be used in multiple types of exercises from running, cycling and swimming as the design is water proof and knock resistant as the device’s primary material is silicone which makes it lighter and more comfortable for the user with minor chance of skin irritation that can occur for some users.

The key features of the Reign are it monitors all range of factors that are associated with exercise this is done by measuring the heart rate variability which transcends information to the phone app that will indicate what activities the users should be doing. The right amount of sleep is significant as the body requires time to recover after exercise as the user can experience fatigue or strain due to over exercise or prolonged time of inactivity. The data collected by the Reign sensor and stored on the phone app determine when the user should exercise.

LED lights that are displayed on the band face show the activity process and whether the exercise goal has been achieved that the user should gain according to PTS (personal track safety) that is displayed on the phone. This is called the “GO-Zone” by Reign this activity is collected and recognised and then the device indicates an exercise goal and when the user should exercise for an extensive period of time


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