Dubbed ‘chameleon shoes’ are combination of a mobile app and textile projection technology have developed a shoe design that can alternate the theme, colour and appearance of the shoe according to the choice of the wearer.

Amalgamation of reactive textiles with adapt fibres reacts and transforms the design exterior through phase change and shape memory materials that enable alterations and combinations of designs linking chosen patterns to the design.

Meta materials that conduct electrical magnetic waves that are manipulated inside the fabric of the shoe these materials also bend light that display the patterns from the mobile phone app onto the shoe. Conductive fibres in the shoe design react to human touch while LEDs (light-emitting diode) that are connected to a flexi screen that display the themes and colours on the shoe.

There are four main features to the design of the shoe:

Flexible display: Electronic display that is flexible by design that differentiates from the tradition flat screen, with its flexibility it can graphed and attached to multiple shapes sizes making it ideal for Shift shoes.

Kevlar Fibre soles: The same type of material made for bullet proof vests the Kevlar is durable and suited to multiple environments and surfaces.

Walk-n-charge Tech: Using the kinetic energy of the user the battery within the shoe that produces the electrical pulses that display on the flexi pad can be charged whilst on the move thus recharging the shoe from an adaptor or power sources is not required.

Flexible electronic: The show is built in with a battery that is eco-friendly and waterproof and machine washable the wearer is protected from electrocution should the shoes get wet whilst being active.




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