Developed by the Icelandic corporation Ossur this prosthetic limb is at the forefront of artificial joint technology for amputees and handicapped people. The model is designed to adapt to changing environments for the user with the aluminium frame construction enabling the device to be flexible and sturdy with a 120 degree change ability. The devices actuator and resistance by its material design provides support for the user when ascending or descending stair cases or walking up vertical areas. The adaptation and functionality of the RHEO KNEE 3 is automatic when the user is in motion allowing a steady gait in all environments this is done by kinematic sensor technology ensuring a dynamic change to the surrounding environment.

The device contains magnetorheological fluid technology that can transform from liquid form to solid prevents drag does require time to adjust whilst in motion. This technology enables the user not to use sufficient amounts of energy to move the artificial leg thus it can be used over longer periods of activity. Gait detection and the combination of kinematic sensor technology ensures stability and a dynamic response to environmental change as the user traverses through different environments both outdoor and indoor. An extension lock mechanism that locks the knee mechanism in place as a safety brace whilst the user is standing idly and ascending staircases it also provides comfort and support to relieve strain on the upper leg muscles.

The RHEO KNEE 3 has been recently designed to be water proof and weather resistant i.e. splash and water resistance so if the devices becomes wet it will continue to function only in wet or humid environments and should not be submerged in deep volumes of water including salt and chlorinated.

Impact levels come in two varieties low and moderate:

Low level is based on household activities that require little gentle and steady movement.

Moderate level include daily actives such as shopping and long distance walking and a variety in speed.


“It feels like it does the walking for you” – Julie Greder yearlong RHEO Knee user.



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