The Hexoskin biometric vest is designed for comfort and utility, made from flexible, lightweight and breathable materials to limit strain, discomfort and practicality whilst the wearer is performing excise. Using Bluetooth sensors to monitor heart rate, respiration rate and caloric intake that are displayed on a information transmitter these features combine offer the user a complete insight to their personal health as physiological data is essential for athletes, fitness instructors and coaches.

Electrocardiogram performed by sensors within the vest the electrical activity of the user’s to heart rate indicate a variability of the heart beats per minute this decreases the risk of stress and fatigue to avoid overtraining.

Breathing rate and breathing volume are monitored this instructs the user to breath at the appropriate rate and to help control their breathing this will increase exercise performance and prevent health hazards such as apnoea, hyperventilation and exhaustion as the user will be aware of their lung capacity during every inhale and exhale for each activity.


Activity is measure and displayed in real-time this includes steps, calories being burnt and the pace of the user’s movement and the duration of exercise. Sleep is monitor as the body recovers after exercise as the device helps the user get the required amount of sleep and in correct sleeping position.


Hexoskin is not just limited to athletes, military organisations and space agencies allowing the trainers to monitor training of recruits and indicate any health issues as real-time data is recorded and can be used to prevent jeopardy in operations and training exercises. Hexoskin is compatible with health care organisations as the sensors within the vest can help protect and simulate warnings and cautions for people suffering from cardiac and respiratory conditions. Allowing the user to be aware of any potential health risks associated with exercise such as heart attack and lung collapse that can be avoided.



“Hexoskin is a great product, capable of accurately tracking an array of biometric data” – DIGITAL TRENDS


“For runners who don’t want to be encumbered by smart bands and chest straps, Hexoskin is a body metric system with several sensors woven into a shirt that measures heart rate, breathing, steps, pace and calories”- NEW YORK TIMES


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